I have always loved solving problems and overcoming challenges.  Coaching was a natural career path choice for me.  My first coaching role included helping teachers support children with special needs in the classroom.  At the same time, I started working with children with Autism and related Developmental Delays in their homes.  I managed teams of therapists - coaching the families and therapists simultaneously to support communication, social and play skills for kids.

After having my own son in 2008, I realized firsthand the effects of lost sleep can have on an otherwise-level-headed, put-together human being.  Running my own business meant that there was no maternity leave, no built-in time off, and no paid vacation.  So, the week after giving birth, I was back to work - supporting families and teachers.  My work still lit me up - I still loved every minute.  My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to tag-team our work and childcare responsibilities for those first months, and we still treasure this time in our early family life.  But, let's be real: 

I was exhausted.  

I forgot something important every day - an appointment with a client (even with the help of google calendar, I couldn't seem to get it right), or my to-go mug of piping hot coffee on the counter (egads!).  My lack of sleep with a newborn and business commitments caused friction with myself, my husband, and even my co-workers and clients.  My fuse was shorter than it had ever been.  


Throughout my work with families and teachers with this new lens of (sleepless) motherhood, I noticed a recurring theme.  In a nutshell - 


Kids, therapists, teachers, and parents.  So in addition to my teaching and Behavior Analysis training, I decided to learn everything I could about the science of sleep.  Once I got our family on track and saw the direct benefits of better health for my entire family, and a happier life overall, I launched my next dream of learning how to coach tired families looking for more stable sleep schedules.  Combining overall family support with specific sleep support has helped me truly help families who are struggling day after day.




Now, I spend my days coaching teachers and parents.  

I am inspired daily by people I work with and for in my behavior and sleep coaching role.  

Solving problems and helping others overcome their challenges with actionable, clear strategies is my jam.  I'm here to help, and I've been there too.  

Katie took time to understand our family and our challenges, then gave practical we-can-actually-do-this strategies that worked. I was afraid of big to-do lists and overwhelming suggestions, but Katie made it real. Sibling squabbles are less frequent, meals are enjoyable, bedtime is even automatic. At every step she has been supportive, never judging, and managed to prioritize the kids’ best interests as well as me and my husband’s sanity. It’s such a relief to have her as a family resource. We can be honest about our parenting frustrations knowing Katie sees herself as part of our team and will help us figure out the best way for our family to enjoy each other and thrive.
— Amy, mom to 6-year old boy and 4-year old girl