Today's challenge is all about VISUALS that help us support our kids with their DAILY ROUTINES.  

Yesterday, we chatted about two sleep visuals that will help your bedtime routine and nighttime wakings if you have them.  

Today, we'll be discussing how to support our older kids with checklists for daily routines.  Just like yesterday, today's video is a real-life video of yours truly walking you through my favorite visual support for routines.

Remember that our voice is the most difficult thing to fade out of any routine - so that our children can become very DEPENDENT on hearing us tell them what the next thing is to do.  You can use this visual to create independence + ownership for your kids every day.  You'll also see your home dynamic change from "us versus them" to "we're all on one team"...WOW!



 Enjoy Day 4 of the Family Challenge!




Here is your visual support for routines!


Send me a message to tell me any thoughts / questions you have about today's challenge!  

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